What is a Farmer?

You don’t have to be a farmer to be connected to agriculture, you see every single one of us is more closely related to agriculture than we give credit too. We rely on agriculture several times a day to feed ourselves, feed our families and even feed our pets. Whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian, or a carnivore, we all have a common thread, we all rely on food to keep us going each and every day.

A majority of the population goes to a grocery store to purchase the food that we eat, but have you ever stopped and thought where does all of this come from? Who made this stuff, ever wonder what kind of person would do that?

We generically call those people farmers, but the term farmer means so much more, it can be a profession, it can be a lifestyle, it can be a future dream of a young child standing in a field watching their mother and father work the land to provide them with money, security, a place to grow up, a place they can call home.

The term farmer may not mean someone who grows crops in a field. The term farmer is an umbrella term that is often applied to someone who raises pigs, or sheep, or cattle, or it may be someone who grows wine grapes, and apples or sweet corn, it may very well be the person down the road who grows the lettuce for our salads and sandwiches. 

A farmer can be a husband, a father, and a son or she can be a wife, a mother, and a daughter. These farmers are not all that different than us, it doesn’t take super powers to be a farmer, but you will find that these farmers are passionate, caring, strong, and hardworking much the same as all of us. Farmers feel pain, they worry, they know fear, they suffer, and they morn the loss of a loved, no different than you and I. Farmers take pride in their children, when time allows they love to watch their children’s sports, recitals, band performances in the same way that we enjoy watching our children excel and grow.

Farmers are stewards of the land, caretakers of the earth, farmers are consistently working to improve their land, to be able to do more with less. As the world’s population continues to grow we have placed a big challenge on the farmer of how to produce more food yet at the same time be more environmentally friendly to the earth that we all share and need. We have people who consistently attack the farmers and put their families at risk for them simply trying to provide us with something very vital to our existence. Its no longer a us verses them kind of world. We need to come together and partner with the farmer because frankly without them we will all simply starve to death.

So I ask you that next time you watch your child enjoying an ice cream cone on a warm summer day, maybe take a second to praise the farmer, much the same as we do our nurses and doctors, our firefighters and police officers, our members of the military who all work tirelessly to protect our way of life for our families much the same as our farmers do.

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