What is it?

It’s everything I have ever wanted, but it’s more

It’s a warm cup of coffee after working all day in the cold and the rain

It’s that warm feeling when the sun first hits your face after being outside all night trying to save a life

It’s that breath of fresh air when you feel you can no longer breath

It’s that light shining ever so brightly that guides you to safety

It’s that flashing road sign that warns you of danger ahead

It’s that phone call you have been wanting from that long lost friend that brings you joy

It’s what picks up extra chores when you are too tired and weak

It’s what keeps you putting one foot in front of the other

It’s that warm embrace when you get that bad news you hoped you would never hear

It’s something you don’t know how to live without

It’s something you can’t replace with something better

It’s what taught you that’s it’s better to have love and lost than to never have loved at all

It’s that smile that lets you know it will be okay

What is it?

It’s my wife……..

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