Why do some people have a sick sense of humor?

Let me explain a little something about humor and mental health. One of the ways I survived 23 years of firefighting was with humor. Sadly yes it’s most likely what some find dark, twisted and cruel or even down right mean humor. In these times some may even call you out and say that humor is unacceptable.

Over the course of my time as a firefighter I have pulled dead kids from a fire, kids the same age as my own kids, I have worked on women beaten, bloodied and battered by their spouse, I have worked on dead people in the middle of the road while their loved ones stand watching and heard them cry out. You hear their screams in your dreams, you hear their cries when it’s quiet, it can drive you insane if you let it. The cries of a mother hearing she just lost her child is something that haunts you, you can’t block it out no matter how hard you try, yet you have to find a way to hold yourself together so you can go on to fight another day.

Humor is a way some people choose to release that pain and burden that builds up from seeing some of the worst things a human can experience. I am not saying it’s right or wrong but if it keeps you from taking your own life then it’s what you do.

Not knowing how to balance the crushing emotions some turn to drugs and alcohol, some become abusive, and some turn to humor. I am not trying to justify why it happens I just wanted to provide a little background on why some people may laugh at something you wouldn’t laugh at and maybe something you can’t understand how someone could laugh at. So before publicly chastising someone for something they thought was funny maybe think is this a cry for help, is this person trying to vent and release some frustration? Maybe that person really needs a shoulder to lean on and not harsh and threatening words because you think what they did was not acceptable.

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