Nutrition Saved my life

About 2 years ago I could not lose any weight if my life depended on it, until that’s exactly what happened, my life depended on me needing to lose weight, because essentially I was so sick my body was starting to shut down, my internal organs were showing the early signs of failure, I was a ticking time bomb, you could see it in my face, I looked sick, old, and miserable, something was wrong.

For years I had been gaining weight and not eating right, knowing full well I needed to do something, I knew I could not continue down the path I was on, but I didn’t know how to change myself or my eating habits. I tried the normal diet thing, but those never seemed to work no matter how hard I tried. I tried talking to doctors and they started giving me meds to help this and help that which only caused more problems. Doctors would send me to their nutritionist who would give me the generic speech of eat a well-balanced diet, here is a copy of the food pyramid, just follow these few simple rules and you will do fine, and for most people yes those simple things do work, but not for me, something was wrong.

I reached a point where nothing I ate satisfied me, I always felt hungry, my anxiety seemed abnormally high, I felt bloated after I would eat something, I would crave sugary foods, my entire system seemed out of whack. At one point I went on the KETO diet and gained 8 pounds on the diet, well that’s not supposed to happen, you should lose weight not gain it. I saw tons of people on social media dropping weight like crazy, but not for me, something was wrong.

I was at my breaking point, I didn’t know what to do, everything I tried failed, was this it for me? At 44 years old I felt I would not make it much longer, I truly feared I would not live long enough to see my kids grow up, it took a toll on me that I was too sick to go out and swim with my kids, I was embarrassed and I was ashamed of how I felt and how I looked, something was wrong.

My wife belonged to a cross fit gym, my wife had tried for a long time to get me to go, but I was so sick I felt like there is no way I can do cross fit, have you seen those people, they are like in really good shape and have you seen me, I am like not in really good shape, if you look up what is the opposite of cross fit you will see my picture. But the gym my wife belonged to was a different cross fit gym, they actually cared more about you getting a good work out in than they did about you trying to be like everyone else. So I finally agreed to go the gym and check it out. One of the coaches at the gym was a lady named Sarah Bouse, Sarah is a nutritional practitioner. I know what you are thinking, she is a what? Basically in layman’s terms it is kind of like a regular nutritionist but only with a ton more education, it truly is amazing what these nutritional practitioners have to know in order to be certified in what they do.

After going to the gym for a few weeks, Sarah was holding a class on what it is that she does for a living and how maybe she could help you. I sat in on her class and listened to what she had to say, and at first I was skeptical, how could someone use nutrition to fix my problems, isn’t that what medicine and doctors are supposed to do? Since I was out of options and fearing my end was near I figured why not go and see Sarah, what did I have to lose, it’s not like I am getting any better doing what I was currently doing.

Sarah met with me, she was compassionate and understanding of my situation, she reassured me if I put in the work and followed her plan I would get better. She was upfront and honest, this is not going to be an easy fix, it will take work and dedication, your life as you know it is about to change, but do the work and you will see the results, and she was going to be right there with me the entire time to help me see it though. I did just that, I did what she asked of me and slowly over time I started getting better, things started to heal up, it was amazing, my body was repairing itself, it just needed to have the right fuel to do it. It’s much like planting a crop in the field, or raising an animal for food, you have to give it what it needs in order to survive and grow and be healthy, and not every soil type or every animal is the same, what may work in one field may not work in another, or one animal may need a different diet that another, that was me, I needed a plan that worked for me.

It’s been 18 months now since I met with Sarah and my life has improved drastically, I no longer crave sugar, I no longer feel sick or bloated, my anxiety is back to normal, I look younger, I feel younger, I have more energy, I feel like what a 46 year old should feel like, alive.

I now understand the true meaning of eating good quality food, what you eat really does matter. Obviously not everyone will end up needing to go through what I had to go through, for most people simply cutting back on less healthy things maybe all you need to do.

If you are someone who is struggling with weight loss issues, or health issues and you feel what the doctors are doing isn’t working then reach out to me and I can talk more about what I had to do to fix myself.

You can also reach out to Sarah Bouse and chat with her, she can be reached at, or check out her website at Sarah truly changed my life, she gave me a road map to follow for me to get my life back, had I not found Sarah I am scared to think about where I would be today, probably not here writing this blog and urging you to heal yourself if you need healing, take the time, do the work, and make yourself better, you deserve it, your life matters.

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