The Flat Iron Steak:

July is National Grilling Month!

In 1985 the Beef Promotion and Research Act was passed that required a dollar be collected for each head of cattle sold to be used towards beef promotion and research which became to be known as the Beef Checkoff Program.

Some of these funds were provided to meat scientist to study how the value of beef could be improved. Through this research the Flat Iron Steak was discovered by Chris Calkins a meat scientist at the University of Nebraska and Dwain Johnson who plays a similar role at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

The muscle that is now known as the Flat Iron Steak was originally just tossed in a pile with other less desirable beef to be ground up for your hamburgers. Through scientific study, the two researchers found that this particular muscle was very tender and flavorful and would earn the beef industry more money behind sold as a steak rather than being ground up.

If you have never tried the Flat Iron Steak I urge you seek one out and give it a try on your grill. I am willing to bet you will love it.

The Beef It’s What’s for Dinner website has created a fun interactive page that allows you to select a state to discover regional recipes and meet local members of the beef community. They have also included fun little culinary facts about each state, which is how I learned that Nebraska played a role in the discovery of the Flat Iron Steak.

Click on the link below to learn about beef where you live and maybe find yourself a new recipe to try.


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