Co-occurring disorders

I had an outreach specialist reach out to me and ask me if I would like to add their services to my mental health resources page. I checked into the links he provided and I tell you both of the websites really hit close to home for me. The webpages offer a lot of valuable information about mental health, but they go a step further in talking about dealing with co-occurring disorders.

When our oldest daughter went to drug and alcohol rehab for the first time all the treatment facility did was address the addiction part of her disorders, and for the most part they did a good job at teaching her how to address her addiction. However no one really examined why she became to be dependent on drugs and alcohol, and at the time my wife and I were also just as clueless as to why she was going down the path she was traveling.

Eventually our daughter had a relapse and needed to go back to treatment. Both my wife and I agreed that we needed a different rehab facility for our daughter. Luckily someone made a recommendation for a treatment facility down in Florida. Instantly my wife started working the phones and seeing what we needed to do to get our daughter the help she needed. Through this research we discovered that our daughter needed someone who could address not only the addiction problems but her mental health conditions as well.

The facility we sent her to told us that it was most important to first learn why she is making the decisions she is making then from there structure a treatment plan that will address all of her issues, not just the drug and alcohol addiction. When our daughter came home from the second rehab we could tell a difference in that treating her mental health and the addiction problems, she seemed more prepared to reenter life and try again.

Sadly she did experience a 2nd relapse after being home just a few weeks, this however was not due to the lack of skills the treatment center had to offer, this was due to our daughter coming home to early and not being fully prepared to reenter society. She returned to the treatment facility in Florida until she was stronger and more equipped to come back home. Luckily with more time and training she seems to be on the right path now.

So two valuable lessons, one, if you or a loved one needs to seek rehab treatment for addiction make sure the facility is equipped to address all of your issues, make sure they can get to the root of the problem and not teach you how to just avoid using drugs and alcohol, but instead teach you how to avoid or handle the situations that will lead you to wanting to use drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. Secondly it takes time to heal, make sure you are ready to reenter society when you feel you are strong enough and that you have received the proper help and tools that will allow you to navigate day to day life. Don’t get in a rush, each person rebuilds their life at a different pace, and always remember your life is worth it, take the time to heal yourself, you deserve it and the people who love you deserve it.

Here are a few links you can check out for a facility that addresses co-occurring disorders. Both of these links offer a lot of good information on addiction and mental health awareness.

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