You don’t need expensive food to eat healthy

Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves doing several things. Things like diet (the things you eat), exercise or daily activity (depending on what type of job you have) and lastly, mental health, keeping your mind healthy is just as important as eating good healthy foods to keep your body functioning properly.

A few years ago I assumed that if you shopped at those expensive health food stores then the food has to be automatically healthy, and no way food from a place like Walmart could be good for you, after all aren’t we told by the experts that cheap food is not good for us. Most of the time I never would read the label as long as the packaging was blasted with the latest buzz words like non-GMO, or gluten free, or organic, and I assumed you can pretty much eat all of that stuff because it has to be healthy for you if it has all those neat and exciting words on the packaging.

I often would talk to people about the food they eat and many times I heard the same thing, well I can’t afford to eat healthy because it is so much more expensive to shop at those health stores. As a young father with 6 kids I felt the same way, sure wish I could afford to buy all that healthy stuff, but since it’s expensive I will continue to buy all this convenient processed food because it saves me time and money.

When I got sick I had to learn how to eat better and make better choices. With the help of a nutritional practitioner I started to dial in what types of food I needed to eat to repair my body and also to start maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For me the best diet plan involved eating meats, fats, and green vegetables. These were the foods that my body responds well to. Not each person is the same, my body has a hard time processing sugar where as other people have no problem processing sugary food or high carb meals, and so a diet consisting of mostly meats, fats and greens may not be the best option for them.

So basically I worked with my nutritional practitioner to come up with a plan where I focus on whole foods, almost like a modified paleo diet. This meant I started buying foods that had minimal processing, basically was this something I can grow or raise in my backyard. What I learned next was I could still shop at Walmart for my food, I didn’t need to buy beef from a health store at an inflated price, and I was able to buy beef and vegetables at a price I could afford from Walmart. Every now and then I like to venture over to the expensive stores to get some ingredients I cannot get at Walmart, but I find that I typically go there just to get those few items.

If you are a person that is needing or wanting to make changes to a healthier diet don’t feel you can’t do it because you are under the impression that only the expensive food is healthy, that is a false narrative that has been created by the health food industry to lure you into their stores to purchase their products. I am a prime example you can still eat clean and healthy and still buy your food at a regular grocery store.

If you want to learn more about nutrition make sure to check out Jason Medows and his Ag State of Mind podcast, this month Jason is focusing on the role nutrition plays in our lifestyles. You can find him at

Also if you are interested in what a nutritional practitioner does head over to and check out her website, she has done so many wonderful things for my health and nutrition.

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