Train with Janelle

Do you have that one person in your life that is always positive, never complains, and just brings a smile to your face even when you are feeling down? I have a few of those, but there is one in particular that really stands out, it’s my friend Janelle Harrison.

Let me tell you a little about Janelle, Janelle is the owner of Train with Janelle where she is a coach and a personal trainer. In addition to running her own business she is a member of the “I am Shebuilt” community, which is a group of women that want real authentic truth about living a healthy lifestyle. Janelle also coaches Cross Country Track at a local public school, and best of all she helps raise beef on her family’s farm in the show me state of Missouri. Oh and did I mention she is a volunteer firefighter who is getting ready to test for her firefighting certification?  The girl is a true rock star!

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be invited to be in a Facebook group hosted by Janelle, it was a 6 week course around the holiday time. Each week Janelle set out challenges for us, she challenged us to focus on new habits for our diet, our exercise and mind and soul. In that short 6 weeks I learned a few new habits that I still continue to use to this day. Probably the best part of the entire experience was Janelle was always so positive and uplifting. If you had a bad week and did not meet the goals you set out to do, Janelle was right there to always add some encouragement to help get you back on track and your focus headed in the right direction.

We all can use a good friend like Janelle in our lives, someone who always sees the potential in us, and knows how to help us achieve our goals, Janelle, thank you for being such a positive and uplifting person!

If you are looking for a little help on how you can exercise better, or need a little help with your nutrition, or maybe you are a runner looking for a little performance advice, you can check out Janelle at

Or if you are more of an Instagram person you can find her at

Here is a link to the I am Shebuilt Facebook group should this be something you are interested in.

Yes she is wearing shorts under that hoodie

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