Winter Time for Farmers

A few months ago I proposed the question of what do farmers do during the winter time, below are the many responses I received.

Haul grain, do books and planning. Work on equipment and normally go to farm shows!

Well the crew I work for is a diversified operation.  Don’t really have an off season.  Go as hard now as we do during the crop season .

We have cattle and maintenance and improvements for the next season need to be done, the pressure is less than in planting time but work doesn’t stop.

Business as usual on a dairy farm sans fieldwork.

Maintenance to equipment.  Mending fence. Cleaning shop area. Cleaning out inside of machinery.  Organizing tools, supplies.   Time With friends/family.   Working on hobby projects (woodwork,  model kits) restoration projects

We have hogs and cattle so there’s daily chores/feeding. Two guys in the shop busy going thru each piece of equipment, making needed repairs and detailing tractors and semi trucks. Three Miller sprayers were inspected and have multiple repairs to be done.

Tillage anhydrous dry fert…now shop work and calving…rebuilding soil finisher going to put shocks on a semi, need to work on the planters sooner or later and just other equipment maintenance

We did other field work for over a month after we got done combining

Sell seed, fix old junk equipment, clear brush

Livestock chores take more consistent time during the winter vs the growing season. Hauling grain, doing small maintenance projects, moving snow at a couple building sites, attend meetings and seminars, go to medical appointments.

From November to March I haul grain as a side business. During the slower times I work on equipment. Beginning of March I park the truck and start getting planting equipment ready to go

Coffee shops, coffee at Caseys, ride roads in afternoon, Busch Light, check cattle, feed hay, go to neighbors, Busch Light, fix shit. gossip. deer hunt. nut fry at shop.

Barn maintenance

Busy hauling grain, zoom meetings, and rebuilding planter with new precision equipment!!

My wife is a middle school principal, I have 12 year old twins, so home and kid running is my deal. I’m at the gym at least an hour plus daily, sit on a COOP board and the @IowaSoybeans board. I always have something going on!

Working on the tractors and equipment.

Usual dairy chores and maple syrup. Mid February to end of March is busy

Meetings about policy, new tech, soil health, water issues, fertilizer etc. maintenance on as much equipment as we can, Breakfast and lunches with family and friends. Planning. Accounting. Yearly employee reviews. planning. Buying seed and inputs. Meeting w/landlords. planning

Haul hay

Try and do a post harvest pass with the sprayer. Harrow straw that needs managed in the fall. Clean up grain bags nov December. Haul grain, bring in fertilizer and work in  shop. I spend quite a bit of time in the office planning and focusing on the business. Keeps 3 of us busy

There’s always drainage tile to put in…

Lots of maintenance on vegetable and potato equipment crop planning and fertilizer sales

Fix stuff from last summer feed cows haul feed with semi an belt trailer to pay for farming text year

Don’t have a shop so maintenance etc is an in season thing, mainly haul grain, fox what I can in the cold, and take care of my kid while wife works full time, don’t take in farm shows, usually sell grain at the wrong time

And you until the last 2 years my winter have been working construction & oil patch work since I got out of high school

Daydream about motor biking…while doing maintenance on equipment in the shop, hauling grain, bring fertilizer in, various building/restoration projects on the go, lots of planning while doing all this stuff, never have a day with nothing to do.

I farm in North Texas close to the Red river . Our cow calf operation keeps us busy in the winter time . So i have guys on payroll all year. We start getting ready for spring planting in December. Always something to do here .

Build fence, straighten out calves, get land ready for next year, work in shop, do taxes, quail hunt, snow ski

From the Panhandle of Texas. Strip-tilling and preparing ground on rest to plant another crop in April and May. All without blowing away! And fixing fences! And lots of prayers for rain!

Marketing grain, budget planning, taxes, online meetings/seminars and working on my mental health, seems to be more important as I get older.

I farm in south Texas. The work never ends. The weeds always grow. Tractors and equipment always need maintenance. The paperwork builds up. My reading list gets longer…

We are in central Texas and we never get the winter break. ALWAYS field work and shop work to do.

Cows. Calving. Work on 10 pickups, sprayer, and relax / drink whiskey.

Fertilize wheat. Equipment maintenance,  livestock

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