I just finished listening to the Ag State of Mind latest podcast, in this latest podcast Jason talks with his guest Michelle Bufkin Horton about the necessity of hobbies being incorporated into your life. What the both of them had to say really hit close to home for me.

Overall my life is pretty routine, I go to work 40 hours a week, my job brings me some satisfaction because my job is centered on helping to protect our nation and provide aid to our allies around the world. When I am not at work I am usually cooking something to eat for my wife or kids, when I am not cooking food and cleaning the kitchen, I am typically running my kids around to their events or working on some to do list item that the wife needs done immediately if not sooner.

For a majority of my life firefighting was my hobby, it was the thing I got to do that brought me excitement and joy, it was that thing that was not just going to work and doing the same thing over and over day in and day out. My life was balanced, I had work, family, and play, until the day came and I could no longer be a firefighter.

After a few years of being miserable and nearing the end of my rope, I had that epiphany moment where I realized I needed to find a new hobby, I needed something to focus my mind on that was positive, something to fill that void of no longer being a firefighter.

Wood working became my hobby that I used to bring back joy into my life, it gave me something to focus my energy on. It also helped me to build back up my self-confidence, and it gave me joy to make something with my own hands that I could give to someone that hopefully gave them joy as well. It’s also what led me into learning about the agriculture industry which became another hobby of mine. Wood working and learning about agriculture, and eventually speaking out about mental health awareness became my hobbies, it made me feel like I finally had balance in my life again. Finding that balance has really been key to maintaining a healthy mental health lifestyle.

If you have a few minutes go check out the Ag State of Mind podcast and see if maybe a hobby is something you need to incorporate into your life.

Here is a link to podcast, you can also find the Ag State of Mind on many other platforms as well.

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