Space Travel and Agriculture

I am often glutton for punishment so every now and then I venture over to Facebook and after a few short minutes I remember why I don’t go on that site all that often anymore. I ran across one of the “Agvocates” (those people who advocate for agriculture) who was on a rant about theContinue reading “Space Travel and Agriculture”

Has the meaning of showmanship been blurred in the show cattle world?

Back in the late 1800’s researchers discovered that adults in the farming community were not receptive to new agriculture developments that were created by university campuses. Researchers also discovered that young people were open to new thinking and were more willing to experiment with new ideas and then they would share their experiences with adults.Continue reading “Has the meaning of showmanship been blurred in the show cattle world?”

Stop Blaming Beef Growth Hormones:

I came across an interesting conversation on Facebook the other day of people arguing about beef and the dangers of (as they called it) using growth hormones in the beef that we eat. One of the people engaged in this painful social media conversation that was filled of opinions and false truths was blaming beefContinue reading “Stop Blaming Beef Growth Hormones:”

Hot Dogs and the 4th of July

With the 4th of July just around the corner I thought it would be fun to do a little research on the hot dog, being that millions of Americans will be doing their annual 4th of July celebration which often includes indulging themselves with hot dogs. Like many foods, the exact origin of the hotContinue reading “Hot Dogs and the 4th of July”

Grocery stores are not just for city folks

Agriculture Influencers, or “Agvocates” as they often refer to themselves, need to stop doing this “us vs them” mentality style of social media posts. When an agriculture influencer eludes to the thought that only city people use grocery stores it only helps further the divide between the rural communities and the people who live inContinue reading “Grocery stores are not just for city folks”