Agriculture & Mental Health Bios.

Below I have listed some of the people I follow on social media that are doing great work to help promote agriculture and mental health awareness

Lesley Kelly is a farmer from Saskatchewan, Canada, she is the co-founder of the Do More Ag Organization, Lesley continues to be a leader in advocating for mental health awareness in the Agriculture Industry.

To find out more about Lesley check out her website or click on which has links to a lot of her work.

Katelyn Duban is also known as the Wild Rose Farmer she is the host of the Rural Woman Podcast, Katelyn is doing a great job of shinning a light on women in agriculture. If you want to hear more about women and their roles in agriculture be sure to check out her podcast and her website at –

Markie Hageman is the manager of Cattleman U at KRose Cattle Company, she has also written several articles for multiple publications in the Agriculture Industry. Markie is a young and upcoming star, be sure to check all of her work by following this link:

Adrienne DeSutter is a former counselor turned AGvocate for Farmer Wellness. I really admire what Adrienne is doing for mental health and the agriculture industry. Go check her out on Twitter!

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