Scare tactics won’t work

Social media is a very powerful tool. It can be used to sway people in a positive manner and it can be used to convey negative messages. If you are someone trying to promote agriculture the number one thing you can do to turn away consumers is to bully them or to use scare tactics.Continue reading “Scare tactics won’t work”

Farming and Anxiety from a Non Farmer perspective

With harvest in full swing for a lot of farmers I love seeing the deluge of videos and pictures on social media of farmers harvesting their crops. With everything I have learned over the past couple of years and now having some friends that are farmers I am sure I could be a farmer, andContinue reading “Farming and Anxiety from a Non Farmer perspective”

QPR: What is it for?

This week I had the opportunity to take a class on QPR. QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer. QPR is an emergency mental health intervention for suicidal persons which was created by Paul Quinnett back in 1995, the intent is to identify and interrupt the crisis and direct that person to the proper care.Continue reading “QPR: What is it for?”

Free Online Course Helps Farmers, Ranchers Cope with Stress

“When we’ve done our surveys, we found was a tremendous amount of mental health problems out in rural America – two out of five farmers didn’t really know whether or not they could find help or where to go to get help.” Zippy Duvall Click on the below link to check out the free OnlineContinue reading “Free Online Course Helps Farmers, Ranchers Cope with Stress”

The principles of firefighting can be used in maintaining mental health

In the fire department that I grew up in my father was an Assistant Chief, one night after fighting a fire we were back at the fire station and I overheard someone ask my father about why he asked for more resources before arriving on scene. My father explained that as we were approaching theContinue reading “The principles of firefighting can be used in maintaining mental health”

100 years ago women got the right to vote

Most of us are probably not old enough to remember all the way back to August 18th 1920. If you are old enough to remember that far back then I would love to pick your brain about what you have seen over the past 100 years, maybe you can pass along some of your secretsContinue reading “100 years ago women got the right to vote”