Brianna Buseman of The Meating Room

I have two reasons why I wanted to learn more about beef and the beef industry. The first reason was due to my own health reasons, I had to pay close attention to what I was eating, the best food that works for me is true whole food, things like beef, chicken, vegetables, something thatContinue reading “Brianna Buseman of The Meating Room”

Mental Health Sobriety

When a person lives with addiction and they get clean they call that sobriety, typically those terms are most commonly reserved for people who have used drugs or alcohol. But what about someone’s mental health? Could the same terms apply as well? If you have ever lived with depression, people often say they felt likeContinue reading “Mental Health Sobriety”

Winter Time for Farmers

A few months ago I proposed the question of what do farmers do during the winter time, below are the many responses I received. Haul grain, do books and planning. Work on equipment and normally go to farm shows! Well the crew I work for is a diversified operation.  Don’t really have an off season. Continue reading “Winter Time for Farmers”

Women in the Trucking Industry

In 2019, women made up only 10 percent of over the road truck drivers, which may seem like a small percentage in a heavily male dominated industry, but the good news is that the number of female drivers continues to climb every year[1]. Every year there is a shortage of professional drivers, some companies suchContinue reading “Women in the Trucking Industry”

Historical Women in Agriculture

In the United States female producers make up 36% of the farmers, 56% of the farms have at least one female producer, 38% of the farms have a female primary producer, meaning the person making the most decisions on the farm is a female, and 9 percent of all farms are run entirely by women.Continue reading “Historical Women in Agriculture”

Black Farmers in Agriculture

February is Black History month, so it got me thinking and interested in learning more about the history of black people and their involvement with agriculture. I was able to dig up some interesting facts and discovered that black people have made some significant contributions to the history of agriculture and their inventions still haveContinue reading “Black Farmers in Agriculture”