The Flat Iron Steak:

July is National Grilling Month! In 1985 the Beef Promotion and Research Act was passed that required a dollar be collected for each head of cattle sold to be used towards beef promotion and research which became to be known as the Beef Checkoff Program. Some of these funds were provided to meat scientist toContinue reading “The Flat Iron Steak:”

My Wife: I forgot to thank her

When I left the firefighting world and began to struggle emotionally with my life not following the path I always thought it would follow it took me a few years to realize what was happening to me, I didn’t know something was wrong, and once I did realize something was not right it took meContinue reading “My Wife: I forgot to thank her”

What comes to your mind when I say mental health?

When I was a young lad growing up I called my brother dork one time in front of my grandma. Grandma could not believe I called him that word, reason being was that in her time as a kid the word dork had a complete different meaning, the word dork was very derogative but overContinue reading “What comes to your mind when I say mental health?”

Nutrition Saved my life

About 2 years ago I could not lose any weight if my life depended on it, until that’s exactly what happened, my life depended on me needing to lose weight, because essentially I was so sick my body was starting to shut down, my internal organs were showing the early signs of failure, I wasContinue reading “Nutrition Saved my life”

What’s the difference between Hamburger, Ground Beef, Ground Round, or Ground Chuck?

Ground beef accounts for approximately 60 percent of all beef consumption in the U.S. What’s the difference between Hamburger, Ground Beef, Ground Round, or Ground Chuck? Hamburger meat is essentially the same as ground beef, which can contain meat and trimmings from any of the primal cuts of beef, however there is a difference betweenContinue reading “What’s the difference between Hamburger, Ground Beef, Ground Round, or Ground Chuck?”

Why do some people have a sick sense of humor?

Let me explain a little something about humor and mental health. One of the ways I survived 23 years of firefighting was with humor. Sadly yes it’s most likely what some find dark, twisted and cruel or even down right mean humor. In these times some may even call you out and say that humorContinue reading “Why do some people have a sick sense of humor?”

What is the next move for Advocates?

Agriculture Advocacy is like a game of chess, it is much more than just blasting social media with a ton of pictures and videos. True advocacy really must include engaging with the other side, so what is the next move for Agriculture Advocates, is it time to shift gears? In the military we study theContinue reading “What is the next move for Advocates?”